You Are Meant to Sing! 10 Steps to Unlock Your Inner Voice

Are you a shower singer but have been too afraid to share your voice with others?

Do you long to be connected with the part of yourself that loves singing and using your voice?

Your voice is meant to be heard!

If you miss singing and ready to unleash your inner voice to the outer world, now is the time!

Connecting with your voice opens doors in every area of your life and your voice is ready to be shared!

What’s inside:

  • 10-Step process to transform your voice
  • Learn how to use your personal power muscles to sing
  • Learn tools for how to use your voice to heal yourself
  • Discover the reasons why your voice has been silent and overcome them
  • Reconnect with your joy through singing

If you’re ready to connect with your inner joy, to share your voice, and sing with confidence, then this book is for you!

To obtain your copy:

If you already purchased the book


Helane offers a complete 10-week program based on the book that includes (10) PRIVATE 1-on-1 sessions over the internet (ZOOM) or in person, a 42-day course to uncover what’s holding you back from your full vocal expression, FREE GIFTS  and ongoing personal support for the duration of the course.

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“In You Are Meant To Sing, Helane Anderson describes the path to finding, listening to, and valuing your own voice. Using her own journey as a framework, Helane teaches the vital importance of personal voice and how to fully embrace this in your life. Chock full of heartfelt stories, useful strategies and loving guidance, she encourages ownership and expression of your voice in the manner best suited to your unique self. As Helane writes, we are ALL singers (joyous words to this only-in-the-car-alone singer). This book is a must-read for anyone who has ever felt unheard, misunderstood, or “not enough” – providing the information and encouragement necessary to stand up and step forward with confidence, letting your voice be heard.”
— Kristina Hallett, PhD, ABPP
Board Certified Clinical Psychologist, Speaker, Author of Own Best Friend: Eight Steps to a Life of Purpose, Passion, and Ease

“As a person who uses toning in spiritual practice, I am thrilled that this book, 10 Steps to Unlock Your Inner Voice by Helane Marie Anderson, accompanies and enriched my journey! Through her own transformational experiences, Helane reveals the hidden truth behind our unheard voice and the inspirations we discover from listening to it. Step by step, she guides you to get in touch with your heart, connect with your soul, and blossom in your life all through your own voice. Our voice is a powerful tool to release whatever no longer serves us, help us heal from unwanted patterns, and create the infinite possibilities in our life with intention. This book is an invaluable resource to light up the path before you so that you can begin your journey, break away from all the conditions and stand up for who you truly are!”
––Jiayuh Chyan
Akashic Records Teacher, Multidimensional Healing Facilitator, and Author of Your Key to the Akashic Records

“Helane Anderson is a remarkable woman—a singer, pianist, mentor, and healer—who has developed her intuitive powers as capably as she trained her musical talents. The same qualities I saw so vividly in her classroom work are captured in this new book, You Are Meant to Sing. She understands the powers of self-discovery on the journey toward self-expression and self-realization. This book might be the first step for you on that journey.”
—Dana Gioia
Poet Laureate of California, Professor of Poetry & Culture at the University of Southern California
Los Angeles, CA

“A modern-day hero’s journey unpacks Helane’s soul and shares the victorious expedition. Perfectly balanced with anecdotes, some quite humorous, and lessons to help the reader effectively open-up the chakras. Not just the throat so you can sing, but all the energy centers, so you can step into your personal power and become the person you were meant to be!”
– Laura L. Alfano
Marketing Director, Rythmia Group, Inc.
Malibu, CA