photo by Grace Oh “Helane is the Real-Deal Body-Worker. Her gifted intuitive ability and thorough understanding of the body’s anatomical-physio-energy systems foster a pathway for deep healing to occur.  I am transformed each and every time I see her.”

–Elizabeth Jackson, Owner of “Balance by Elizabeth Jackson”

“Helane has changed my life for the better! I feel stronger & more balanced since Helane started working with me. I know that I am more capable now & much more brave!”

– William Bensussen, THE GASLAMP KILLER, DJ, Los Angeles

“I feel like I am floating on warm clouds of white light” I usually whisper to myself as I glide out the door after Helane’s Sound Bath. Each week I look forward to deepening in the experience of freedom inside my physical body. Through sound healing, Helane has provided a space for me to experience relief, peace, love, comfort, insight, and ecstasy. Her intuitive prompts for intention setting and her natural ability to love and to heal through sound are magical. In her presence, I feel calm, heard, understood and appreciated; in her sound magic, I feel elevated, present, grounded, and wise. Every session, I am touched by her gifts and unconditionally supported in her presence. With each sound bath, I am reminded of my own powers within as she assists me in drawing them out.

                                                                                                     – Devyn Sisson, Malibu, CA


“Our beloved massage therapist Helane Anderson was another happy surprise for us. Referred by a friend, she started working on both Margaret and Chef James and we loved her so much, we’ve been going to her weekly ever since. She’s incredibly intuitive and uses a wide variety of modalities – from deep tissue and acupressure to CranioSacral and Polarity Therapy –  to tailor each session to what works best for the individual present at that moment, enabling each person to access their own abilities to heal and relax on a deep level. Let’s just say it’s powerful stuff! She’s LA based and until internet technology advances to the next level, you’ll have to be local to experience her magic.”

– Margaret Floyd Barry, NTP NTC CGP CHFS, Founder of Eat Naked, eatnakednow.com


“Helane is deeply knowing and intuitive in her bodywork. She has the gift of quickly going to the source of the tension or problem, sometimes finding a knot or tenderness that you yourself hadn’t realized. She is also a real whole-person practitioner, taking in the complex, intertwined layers of physical, emotional, and spiritual realms. I always leave my sessions with her with a sense of calm and gratitude.”

– AG, New York

“I’m a spa owner in Los Angeles so I’m fairly well versed in both getting treatments and giving them. I do a lot of energy work myself so to say I’m quite picky is an understatement to say the least. Helane is my go to for recharging my body, mind and spirit. Her combination of massage, sound healing and cranial sacral work is second to none. It’s truly like an angel is singing to you during the session and you wake up feeling like you’ve just gone on a trip to some heavenly realm. What a treat to be able to get my knots worked out, my energy balanced and my overall well being and frequency put back on track all in the same place. Thanks so being a life saver Helane!”

– With much love and gratitude, Kirsten Olson

photo by Grace Oh“Finally feeling reprieve. You sang to me in Portuguese and you lifted me out of despair and your gesture struck the only mothering cord anyone could have attempted. You alleviated suffering. Your particular gifts as an artist and healer are so unique. I know it was an equally poignant moment to share your voice and without question it was the only soothing call that could have reached my heartache.”

– Meg D’Oliveira, Los Angeles

 “I usually have Helane do her CranioSacral magic on me, and it works every time: The back pain gets relieved and subsides shortly after, the tensions in the shoulders melt away. She is very in tune with my body and soul when she works, and intuitively gives me good insights about my situation as well. I trust Helane to always find the right way with my body.”

– Monika Bruckner, Singer, Homeopath, Los Angeles homeopathyforvibranthealth.com

 “Wow…just had one of the best massages ever thanks to Helane Anderson and Sacral Sounds!  My back has never felt better. highly recommend to my LA friends.”

– A.C., St. Louis, MO

 “Thanks for the session today!!! I am able to walk normally for the the first time in a month! You’re amazing! Thanks again for your magical work! I am feeling so much better on so many levels.”

– A.S. , Los Angeles

 “Helane Anderson is a gifted practitioner who uses her skill, empathy, and problem solving abilities in her healing arts practice.  She is an excellent listener, as well.  Her massages have had a lasting effect upon my comfort and mobility in various ‘problem areas’ — I recommend her, highly!”

– Jenny Bilfield, Washington D.C.

“Helane makes me feel relaxed the moment I walk into the room. As she talks to me and prepares for my massage, I can tell she really has an interest in not only what’s going on with my body, but in who I am. I find myself feeling comfortably assured that I will be receiving a wonderful therapeutic and healing experience. Another great thing about Helane is because she is also a musician, she truly understands and knows how to treat certain pains causing by our bad postures during long practices.”

– Thu-Nga Dan, pianist and arts administrator, Los Angeles

“The Sound Healing and Bodywork that I’ve received from Helane have been transcendent! Her strong intuition guides her directly to the areas that need the most attention, and within just a few sessions she’s managed to facilitate deep emotional release and healing for me. I can’t recommend her work enough!”

– Elena Zaretsky, Writer