PAINTED SOUND A Journey through the 7 Chakras at 432hz RELEASES APRIL 8th!

Helane’s new recording PAINTED SOUND A Journey through the 7 Chakras at 432hz releases on April 8th!

This album features Helane on vocals and singing bowls and acclaimed violinist Ben Powell on violin in 7 improvised tracks working through the energy centers in the body. With over seventy minutes of music, the sounds wash over you bringing in alignment of the body, mind and spirit.

One listener commented, “This must be what heaven sounds like.”

“This music by the incredibly talented Helane Anderson is beyond! Absolutely transformational and truly affects your whole being. If you can make the release party it is soooo worth it to hear her music in person, and definitely get a copy of the CD. I’m literally counting down the days… ”

– Scottie Thompson

Cover artwork is Evocation: Vista at the Dawn of Creation by Leigh J McCloskey
(5‘x7’ oil on mahogany panel- 1997-2001 ). Album design by John Carr and recording, engineering and mastering by Josh Margolis at Sonic Fuel Studios in El Segundo, CA.

You can order the CD or download the tracks on CD baby by CLICKING HERE. 





You Are Meant to Sing! 6 Weeks to Unlock Your Inner Voice

Do you miss singing?

Do you long to be connected with the part of yourself that found joy singing and using your voice?

Are you a shower singer but have been too afraid to share your voice with others?

Are you ready to be even more clear about communicating your truth and beliefs to the outside world?

Well, now is the time! Connecting with your voice opens doors in every area of your life and your singing voice was meant to be heard!

My own journey with my singing voice led me here and I know what it feels like to be disconnected from the thing that gave me the most joy. After 3 years of not singing at all due to a job that took over my life, I took the steps to learn how to be vulnerable again and share myself through song and words. In this 6-week course, you will go through the process of reconnecting with your voice and your innermost self and remove anything getting in the way of your deepest self-expression. The time to sing is now!

In honor of finishing my book on which the course is based (currently in the final editing process) I am only offering 4 discounted spots into the next 6-week program You Were Meant to Sing! But to take advantage of the discount you must sign up by September 20th!

Next full session begins September 25th!

If you’d like more information to see if it’s a fit please e-mail me through the contact page with your phone number, timezone, and a few times you will be free for me to call.

Much love and light,

Testimonials from previous course participants:

Helane is such a caring, intuitive and compassionate teacher. I felt so guided in the process and she tied it seamlessly into the challenges I was working through in my life – making the program feel totally customized. I felt a new found confidence in my voice through her teaching and encouragement – both in the physical expression of my voice and having the confidence to speak my truth. I highly recommend working with her!                                                                – Kristi S.

Helane’s knowledge and experience helped me define and communicate my inner passions in a much clearer way!”                                                               –  D.L.

“I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to go through this program with you. It truly was a ‘next level’ experience needed following a deeply spiritual year of Yoga Teacher Training and Reiki Master Certification. Clarity was found, and the daily exercises truly unlocked many memories and emotions from the past. Thankfully, I now have the tools to gracefully acknowledge those experiences, find the learning and move forward ready to share my story.”                  – Laura Alfano


UNLOCK YOUR INNER VOICE Transformational Program Launches October 10!

photo by Grace Oh



Program includes:

  • Reconnect with your voice and sing!
  • Guided meditations.
  • Learn ways to use your voice to move energy and heal yourself.
  • Develop and learn tools to move through blocks and create long-lasting change in communication in all areas of your life.

UNLOCK YOUR INNER VOICE is a transformational program that uses singing, breath, sound, words, mantra, exploration, movement and private sessions to get in touch with our authentic truth and improve communication in all areas of our lives. The voice is our primary source of interacting in the word and when that area is blocked, other areas of our life suffer. Learning to choose our words carefully, reprogram our mind and body, and work through any challenges in a fun and inspiring way enables us to create lasting change in all life relationships.

UNLOCK YOUR INNER VOICE is a course I have developed through my own healing journey as a way to combine all the modalities I have studied and used to heal myself. The sessions and program combines voice lessons and life lessons to create a comprehensive course of listening to ourselves first and foremost and live a life of authenticity.

My own journey as a singer and a pianist took me through long periods of time when I didn’t sing or play at all. As a classically trained musician, I found my natural inclination to improvise and create was curtailed by the necessity of convention and I was encouraged to only play what was written on the page (this at the tender age of 10). Though I wrote a choral piece at 13 that won an award, after that I only focused on other’s creations instead of my own and ended up creatively stifled. The fear of making mistakes rendered me stuck in a place where I felt my connection to music became a head exercise, rather than an expression of the heart. After going through the journey of reconnecting to the music of my soul, I am now living a life aligned with my truth.

In indigenous cultures everyone sang and the quality of the voice was not important to participate as everyone’s voice was intrinsic to the whole. We are all made to sing and dance, and for me it’s where joy is born and celebrated. My own intention is to create more connection in people through deep understanding that their own voice is unique and worth being heard, and that we all have the power to change our lives for the better through listening and receiving support. The group support through the program is integral to the process so we are all able to hold space for each other to bring our inner dreams to life.

I am very excited to launch this course and I hope you will consider joining us! Onward and upward to helping you speak and live your innermost truth!