PAINTED SOUND A Journey through the 7 Chakras at 432hz RELEASES APRIL 8th!

Helane’s new recording PAINTED SOUND A Journey through the 7 Chakras at 432hz releases on April 8th!

This album features Helane on vocals and singing bowls and acclaimed violinist Ben Powell on violin in 7 improvised tracks working through the energy centers in the body. With over seventy minutes of music, the sounds wash over you bringing in alignment of the body, mind and spirit.

One listener commented, “This must be what heaven sounds like.”

“This music by the incredibly talented Helane Anderson is beyond! Absolutely transformational and truly affects your whole being. If you can make the release party it is soooo worth it to hear her music in person, and definitely get a copy of the CD. I’m literally counting down the days… ”

– Scottie Thompson

Cover artwork is Evocation: Vista at the Dawn of Creation by Leigh J McCloskey
(5‘x7’ oil on mahogany panel- 1997-2001 ). Album design by John Carr and recording, engineering and mastering by Josh Margolis at Sonic Fuel Studios in El Segundo, CA.

You can order the CD or download the tracks on CD baby by CLICKING HERE. 




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