Craniosacral Therapy

CranioSacral Therapy is a gentle energy-based bodywork based on tapping into the nervous system and promotes deep states of relaxation and body release. “Cranio” comes from cranium and “Sacral” from Sacrum, the top and bottom of the nervous system and where all sensation in the body is housed. Effective with pain management, anxiety, stress and other illness, generally people leave feeling very deeply relaxed and peaceful.

The session in Los Angeles begins with a brief intake with the client and time to set an intention. This is an important part of the therapy as it sets up the session to unfold for the highest good of the client and brings focus to why the client is there. Once the client moves to the table, the session can vary from very outward physical release to very subtle internal muscle release and some talking is usually part of the experience. It is normal to either enter a dreamlike state of consciousness or to stay present and become more aware of body patterns that begin to unwind. Often a part of the body will twitch or move on its own which simply indicates an energetic release.

photo by Grace Oh

Helane has worked with people who have had Parkinson’s disease, stem-cell transplants, cancer, in hospice, newborn babies and mothers, people who have experienced various traumas, and many people seeking simple relief from every stresses and anxiety, spiritual connection and guidance. CranioSacral Therapy is a wonderful modality that can provide relief as a general part of health maintenance and stress relief. Often people come once a month just to relax and describe leaving a session as if they are “floating”.

These sessions are done while clothed in yoga/workout clothes.

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