Helane Marie Anderson

Author. Sound Healer. Singer. Voice & Life Coach. Musician. CranioSacral Therapist. Workshop Leader.


“Helane Marie Anderson is a brilliant and profoundly empathetic sound healer. Her intuition—about humans, about bodies, about where hurt and pain are stored—is uncanny. She is also an incredible singer and musician, and her album Painted Sound: A Journey through the 7 Chakras is perfect: If you are a practitioner, body worker, yogi, acupuncturist, masseuse, etc., or just someone who wants something soothing, textured and absorbing to listen to, I can’t recommend it highly enough.”
-Jayson Greene, writer, Senior Editor Pitchfork


You Are Meant to Sing!
10 Steps to Unlock Your Inner Voice

“This book, You Are Meant to Sing, is not only an endearing story of Helane Marie Anderson’s life and her successful search for her voice, it is also an essential guideline for finding your voice. Helane says “everyone is a singer.” I believe it to be true! This self-help book gives you a treasure chest of tools and exercises that are outlined in a simple sequence. As we deconstruct the old and unwanted habits, memories, influences, etc., we also cultivate the new visions and dreams, highlighting the positive pieces of life that have always been part of the story. The new voice, the discovered voice, resounds fun, relief, and liberation. The ripples of each voice opening up to singing are phenomenal and far reaching. And what a timely recommendation by Helane when our country and our world need every bit of these ripples. This way, we indeed become the change we want for the world.” – Iva Nasr  Mentor, Speaker, Author of From Rifles to Roses ~ Memories and Miracles

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Sound Healing Recordings

One listener commented, “This must be what heaven sounds like.”

“This music by the incredibly talented Helane Anderson is beyond! Absolutely transformational and truly affects your whole being. It is soooo worth it to hear her music in person, and definitely get a copy of the CD. I’m literally counting down the days… ”
– Scottie Thompson, actress



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